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people who don’t examine every grape they eat are brave people

sortafairytale91 asked: "Hi, how are you? (: Have you seen that funny flyer about Niall and the chicken?? Check it out on my tumblr, i posted it (: Can you also post it please? The more people posts it, the better chances for Niall to see it(; xx"


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Anonymous asked: "What are some items u need to have a girly style of Harry's style ?? :) xxx"

Skinny jeans for sure, some flannel button downs, ankle boots, and blazers! xx

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Similars for Eleanor’s Premiere Dress!
Links found here :) -helia xx


Similars for Eleanor’s Premiere Dress!

Links found here :) -helia xx

1d-awesomee-deactivated20130529 asked: "Hi, I'm Amanda! Can I have a dirty( or clean) imagine/one shot with harry? But still with the other boys involved in some way. I'm blonde, blue/green eyes and I'm tall. If u do one please tell me when it's up:) xx"

just posted it! xx

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diamonddownpour asked: "hey! I applied for a summer internship at Jack Wills and made it into the top 150 and in order to get into the top 20 I need as many votes as I can get! All you have to do is go to this link www(.)jackwills(.)com/en-us/bestsummerjob/ search shannon and click vote! Every person can vote up to 3 times. It would mean so much if you could help and spread the word! Thank you!! And I'll do anything in return!!"

ahh congrats babe! I voted! Everyone vote for her ^^^

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One Shot- Calla and Harry

I’m writing all of this down because I don’t want to forget. It was only one day, but it was the best day of my life.

6 am, wake up, run a few miles, jump in the ocean. I made my way back to the condo to take a quick shower and get ready for the day ahead. I curled my wet hair up into a bun and put on shorts and a tank top over my bathing suit. Slipping my phone and a towel into my bag, I headed out to the beach.

My friends were already there, chatting and tossing the volleyball around. I ran through and hit the ball out of the air, sending it flying into the ocean. “Nice one, Calla!” one girl said as I laughed. “Relax, I’ll get it,” I shouted as I ran towards the water, stripping my clothes as I went. I was just about to grab the ball when a wave came and knocked it away from my hand. I turned to find the ball in the hands of a boy. He had brown hair, wet and stringy from swimming, and a kind face. He stood waste deep and I could just make out the shadow of his abs. I immediately recognized him: he was Harry Styles.

I waded over with a smile and he handed me the ball. “I believe this is yours,” he said in a creamy British accent. “Yeah, it is,” I answered. “Thanks.” “No problem,” he responded with a dimpled smile. I returned the smile and returned to shore, ball in hand. “Ooh, Calla, making new friends?” a girl mocked. I stuck my tongue out at her took down my hair, drying myself off with a towel and putting my shorts back on. “Are we gonna play or what?” I retorted, serving the ball over the net.

As we played a crowd gathered to watch. I noticed one boy in particular, standing back from the group and wearing a faded Ramones t-shirt. I couldn’t help glancing over periodically. We won the game, and after congratulating my teammates I moved to my bag and started packing up. I slipped my tank top back on and checked my phone. It was 11:30 and I was starving. My thoughts were silenced by a low male voice. “Hello again.”

I glanced up, knowing what I was about to see. Yup, it was him, Harry Styles, and he was talking to me. I smiled and said, “Hey.” “Impressive playing out there,” he continued, eyes locked on mine. I straightened up and slung my bag over my shoulder. “Thanks, I appreciate it. Do you come out here often?” He glanced around and answered, “No not really.” There was a slight pause before he said, “So I never caught your name…” I grinned and he grinned back. “I’m Calla. And you are?” “I’m…” he hesitated. “I’m Collin.” I narrowed my eyes, confused, and just answered, “Nice to meet you, Collin.” He seemed to relax as I said this, smiling and asking, “Calla, would you like to go to lunch with me?”

We went to a little seafood shack on the pier nearby. He asked me about volleyball and school and things and I asked him about England. Whenever I brought up his job, “Collin” would skillfully avoid the question with a “this shrimp is really good” or a “how long have you been playing volleyball?”. We finished eating and (despite my retaliation) he paid for the meal. I thanked him and then we just sat for a while. I didn’t know what to do. Thankfully he said, “You wanna go somewhere?” “Like where?” I inquired.

The “like where” was a remote part of the beach that was covered in drift wood and rocks and shells. “I like to come here and look for the best shells,” Harry said, bending down to pick up a large, curved shell. We spent the next few hours collecting shells and swimming in the ocean. We were sitting on the beach in the wet sand right next to the water when Harry turned and kissed me. I didn’t know why but I didn’t care because his lips were soft and warm and salty from the sea water. He pulled back and looked into my eyes. “Calla,” he began. “Do you know who I am?” I smiled and pushed his hair back away from his face. “Yes,” I answered. He looked down at the sand as if disappointed. I sighed. “You’re name is Collin, you like collecting shells, and you save the lives of volleyballs,” I said. Harry looked up at me and laughed before kissing me again.

We got nachos for dinner and ate them together on the beach as we watched the sun sink lower and lower over the waves. “Collin?” I asked, leaning back as he wrapped his arms around me. “Please, call me Harry,” he said. I turned my head and kissed his cheek before continuing. “Ok, Harry, why did you decide to ask me to lunch today?” He chuckled and hugged me tighter. “I wanted someone to share this beautiful sunset with, and you seemed like the perfect choice.” 

I woke up under the pier next to an indent in the sand and a folded piece of paper. I opened the note and read the words that had been quickly scrawled there: “Thank you for a wonderful sunset. I hope we see each other again.” Within the folds of the note was a large curved shell.

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